Strategic investments

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Law 4864/2021 "Strategic investments and improvement of the investment environment through the acceleration of processes in private and strategic investments"


The term “Strategic Investments” defines investments which, due to their strategic importance to the national or local economy, can enhance employment, productive reconstruction and the promotion of the natural and cultural environment of the country, according to and with the principles of socially equitable, inclusive, balanced and sustainable development. Its the main features are:

Eligible Business Forms
Investment Categories

The Ministry of Development and Investments, following a positive decision by the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments (DESE), may draft a specific spatial plan for the development of strategic investments, based primarily on a single area for a specific strategic investment.

Stabilization of the income tax rate applicable at the date of their designation, which is set at twelve (12) years from the completion of the investment plan.

Investments, which are characterized as strategies, may receive separators:

a. Tax exemption consisting of the exemption from the payment of income tax on the pre-tax profits The entity may utilize the entire eligible tax exemption within fifteen (15) tax years and not less than three (3) tax years from the year in which the right to use the incentive is established, or

b. Acceleration of tax depreciation of fixed assets that have been included in the approved investment plan by increasing the rates by one hundred percent (100%). If the initial rate of depreciation is higher than twenty percent (20%), the final rate of in- crease may not exceed forty percent (40%).

For manufacturing companies, depreciation of machinery and non-technological equipment is deducted from gross income at the time of their realization, increased by thirty percent (30%).

All required licenses and approvals for the implementation, installation, or operation of a strategic investment are issued within 45 calendar days, after the full documentation file for each required license is submitted to the General Directorate of Strategic Investments.

The supported expenditure categories are:

i. Aid for the employment of disadvantaged workers and persons with disabilities. (up to  five million (5,000,000) euros per investment project.

ii. Aid for research and development projects, 

  • industrial research, twenty million (20,000,000) euros, per investment project,
  • experimental development, fifteen million (15,000,000) euros, per investment project,
  • feasibility studies and preparation of research activities, the seven million five hundred thousand (7,500,000) euros, per investment plan

Aid for "flagship investments of exceptional importance" in the form of a cash grant, leasing subsidy, or wage subsidy for new employment positions created as a result of the investment.

Submission, documentation and investment designation as a strategy

Interested investors should apply to Enterprise Greece SA for the characterization of their investment plan as a “strategic investment” under one of the categories, indicating the incentives that they wish to receive. 

Investors must pay a management fee equal to 0.1% of the total investment cost, ranging from EUR 50,000 to 250,000. 25% of the management fee must be paid when submitting the application and the remaining 75% must be paid before the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments  meeting

The application should be supported with a complete file including at least the following information:

  1. The proposed investment’s business plan
  2. Documentation about the ownership status of the investment location
  3. A financial analysis of the total investment budget and the financing structure
  4. The environmental and urban characteristics of the real estate according to the master plan
  5. An investment impact assessment
  6. An irrevocable order and proxy to Enterprise Greece to take the necessary actions
  7. Proof of payment to Enterprise Greece for the 25% of the total management fee
  8. A solemn declaration that the material provided is true and accurate and
  9. Supporting documentation including a detailed description of the aid requested and the costs incurred

Within 45 calendar days from the submission of the application, Enterprise Greece will conduct an assessment and provide an opinion on  the completeness of the file  and the reason for approving the investment under the framework

The Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments  will then decide, within 30 calendar days, whether to classify the investment proposal as strategic.