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PK Consulting GROUP

The Company

PK CONSULTING GROUP was founded with the goal of providing comprehensive consulting services. Soon, it expanded its range of services to include Restructuring / Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Advisory.

In particular, we evaluate and implement the participation of companies in investment programs both by the Greek Government as well as European.

We offer the know-how and support to companies for them to make strategic decisions in mergers and acquisitions.

With a wide range of clientele both in Greece as well as abroad, in conjunction with the investment in the years of experience of its people and partners and the deep knowledge of the market, PK CONSULTING GROUP now holds a unique position in the advisory market.


By investing in knowledge and the human factor and at the forefront of quality, diversification and meeting the needs of every investment idea, encouraging entrepreneurship that looks to the future, is the only viable option today.

We, the people of PK CONSULTING GROUP, realizing the new investment challenges, offer specialized consulting and financial services, covering a whole range of business operations.

“Your growth is our goal”


Konstantinos Papadopoulos

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PK Consulting Group

Our Vision

Our vision is the sustainable development of entrepreneurship with an emphasis on the future and innovation, the constant addition of value to people and our contribution to a sustainable and advanced society.

PK Consulting Group

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide new innovative services with ethics, consistency, and absolute professionalism. Combining experience and knowledge, we provide comprehensive Consulting and financial services mainly in the field of Financing, Mergers and Acquisitions – M&A.

PK Consulting Group


Respect towards man

The principles of PK CONSULTING GROUP are ethos, commitment, honesty and absolute respect not only towards the client, but also to all the people with whom we come into contact every day. For us, entrepreneurship relies heavily on proper communication, placing it as the basis for creation of ideas, proposals, and creative business solutions


PK CONSULTING GROUP actively supports an environmentally friendly business lifestyle. Our principle is to minimize the use of paper, plastic and other resources with a large environmental footprint. For this reason, we reject the reckless use of paper and other consumables and we supply the necessary number of recyclable products, while we follow all the recycling process. In addition, we use the mechanical equipment (printers, copiers, air conditioners, etc.) wisely, in order to contribute as much as possible to the protection of the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For us, any company is an integral component of the society in which it operates, as it affects and is affected by the circumstances of time and space of its environment. In PK CONSULTING GROUP, we recognize our share of responsibility towards society and the environment, and make an effort to contribute.

Training of personel

A fundamental principle of the philosophy of PK CONSULTING GROUP is the investment in human resources, as it is considered a prerequisite for successful operation and growth of the company. PK CONSULTING GROUP aims at the continuous training of its employees, investing in them for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and abilities, contributing to their further training.