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Research, Technological Development and Innovation Strategy

Investing in research and innovation is a central strategic priority for a new development model, socially, economically and environmentally sustainable, based on and utilising knowledge, through the production of high value-added products and services.

National Level

In the 2021-27 Programming Period, the new National Intelligence Strategy (RIS3) is a comprehensive economic transformation agenda that serves Policy Objective 1 of the European Structural Funds: “A smarter Europe through the promotion of innovative and smart economic transformation”.

In particular, Policy Objective 1 includes: 

  • Strengthening research and innovation capabilities and utilizing advanced technologies 
  • Exploiting the benefits of digitization for citizens, businesses and governments 
  • Enhancing the growth and competitiveness of SMEs 
  • Developing skills for smart specialization, industrial transition and entrepreneurship

For the formulation of the new Strategy, the cooperation of all co-responsible Ministries and services is required. For this purpose, within the responsibilities of the Ministry of Development and Investment, the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation and the General Secretariat for Industry cooperate, with the coordination of the General Secretariat for Public Investment and the NSRF.

Policy Options


-Strengthening innovative entrepreneurship and business innovation by providing incentives for exploitation research results and new ideas from existing and start-up companies and support the development / adoption of a wider views on innovation from all sectors of the economy (eg tourism and culture)

-Strategic investment in the tourism ecosystem based on the national and complementary regional strategies for tourism

Digital Transformation

-Enhancing productive investments with emphasis on digital transformation (Industry 4.0) and environmentally friendly processes and products

– Enhance connectivity with high speed broadband access

-Digital transformation of the public and private sector and expansion of digital services to citizens and businesses by reusing existing EU tools and adopting best practices at all stages of implementation

Business interconnection

– Establish infrastructure and mechanisms to support innovation and entrepreneurship (eg Innovation Agency),

-Measures to increase the average size of Greek companies, promote cooperation between SMEs (eg by creating clusters) and / or with larger companies in order to facilitate their access to global markets and value chains (internationalization)

-Adaptation of human resource skills, industrial transition, support for digital transformation and the circular economy.

Public service support

– Strengthening the research and innovation ecosystem based on the priorities of the Smart Specialization Strategy and mechanisms for disseminating and supporting innovation across the full range of activities required- strengthening partnerships between research organizations and companies.

– Interventions in public services provided in accordance with the once-only principle, accessible, open and transparent, cross-border, interoperable, reliable and secure

Business Discovery Period 2021-2027

For the preparation of the Programming Period 2021-2027, GGEK proceeded to the reactivation of the 8 Innovation Platforms in the respective priority areas of the National Strategic Research and Innovation for the Smart Specialization of the period 2014-2020.

  1. Life Sciences, Health, Medicines
  2. Tourism, Culture and Creative Industries
  3. Sustainable Energy
  4. Environment and Circular Economy
  5. Materials, Constructions & Industry
  6. Transport & Supply Chain
  7. Agri-food Chain
  8. Digital Technologies

At the national level, the process of business discovery will aim at highlighting and specializing the priorities of ESEE, which will be funded by the “Competitiveness” Program. At the regional level, the business discovery process will be improved – upgraded in processes and participations and will aim to specialize the regional dimension of ESEE. The priorities highlighted at regional level will be funded by the respective RDP.

PK Consulting Group

European Level

Horizon Europe is the European Unions (EU) new research and innovation framework program for the period 2021-2027, with a budget of € 95.5 billion.

Horizon-Europe Special Program consists of three pillars as well as a horizontal section that interacts with the three pillars and supports the whole program.


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